We are so proud

Of our past Topcats family where you can see below the vast amount of successful people the club has produced on and off the basketball court.

Honourable Mentions:

Ajou Deng (UCONN), Matthew Ryder (Barrister), Ugonna Onyekwe (University of Pennsylvania Graduate/Pro Basketball Player), Andrew Bailey (England/Professional Basketball Player), Emiko Etete (England/Professional Basketball Player), Spencer Wood (Masters Graduate Ivy League/ Successful Businessman), Mantia Callender (Professional Basketball Player), Dzaflo Larkai (Professional Basketball Player), Rasheed Quadri (La Salle University) Courtnay Griffiths QC (Joint founder member – New Era), Anne Simmonds. Journalist, Los Angeles Times (8 years Russian correspondent Time Magazine), Eugene Baah (Ivy League Graduate/Pro Basketball Player), Annette Hinds (Solicitor), Sophie Khan (Qualified Doctor), Rohan Smith Academic Scholarship UNC, Delia Jameson (Head Teacher), Basil Mohamed (Senior PE Teacher), Donna Henry (U.S. Graduate & Social Worker), Stedroy Baker (England International), Junior Williams (England International), Jason Smith (England International), Leo Thompson (England International), Shaun Gray (England International) Marvin Ambrosius (England International), Paul Ambrosius (Sen Social Worker & Coach), Paul Mundy-Castle (Head Teacher, GB International), Edmund Owusu (Senior Teacher), Sandra Grant (US Graduate, US High School Coach).

*The club sincerely apologise if we have missed anyone off the list, so please do contact us if we have.

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