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Jimmy left an outstanding legacy which our coaches are privileged to be a part of. All club members know it is a privilege, not a right in protecting Jimmy Roger’s outstanding legacy.

Brixton Topcats recognises the need to recruit and retain coaches of the highest calibre to promote cultural change and to be positive role models to our children and young people many of whom face hardship and struggles which our coaches always endeavour to support,

Our recent revised strategy recognises and rewards good, effective coaching practices aligned to the clubs new and revised Code of Ethics and Conduct outlining expectations of coaches and players who are required to represent Jimmy, the club and set a standard at local and National League levels which we will strive to be second to none.

We are committed to the development of Basketball England’s ‘Respect Campaign’ to provide constructive positive support to harness relationships between coaches, officials, players and the community.

In the 2020/21 season we are committing to re-develoing our girls programme to be on par with our well established boys and young mens programme. Our longer vision is to reinstate national league basketball at senior levels. At the #Ruffhouse, Brixton Recreation Centre, home of London reputed basketball.

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2020/21 Fixtures to be confirmed.

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