#RuffHouse tagline

by | Aug 3, 2019

Brixton Topcats Basketball Club [established in 1981] has a whole array of historic people that have walked through the infamous Brixton Recreation Centre which is evident via our alumni page . 

We decided to reach out to these exact people to help find a new tagline for the club as well as current players and staff, where it was a complete unanimous decision that the iconic place where a journey started for so many people was the occurring theme.

Brixton Rec also known as the “Ruff House” has seen not only seen very successful players on and off the court but has also played host to amazing events such as, Rough & Ready, Midnight Madness and more recently the Hoopsfix All-Star Classic. To add to this, the greatest player of all time Michael Jordan has also visited the Ruff House as well as HRH Prince Charles, Princess Diana, Allen Iverson, Robert Horry, Lennox Lewis, Ian Wright, Kate Hoey MP and more.

With our venue being so prominent in the UK basketball scene and meaning so much to so many people, we have decided that our new tagline for the club will be #RuffHouse.

We want to thank all of the people who were involved in this decision and encourage all to use the hashtag in any social media posts!


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