Strength & Conditioning

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Strength and Conditioning

#Stay working with Coach Nate

Workout 1 Basketball Essentials: Hips

Workout 2 Basketball Essentials: Core

Workout 3 Basketball Essentials: Ankles

Workout 4 Basketball Essentials: Shoulders

Coach Nate is a professional S&C Coach working with the former London City Royals and with Angola men’s basketball team

Though this lockdown has placed many restrictions on a basketball player’s ability to stay strong and fast, there are still ways and methods to work on some important aspects of the ody.

Above are links to easy to do, but challenging to master exercises tht all player should be able to do from home/pre-game to keep working on your stability!

Other great basketball exercises can be found here.

#Stay Safe

Coach Nate

IS:  coachdavidlucas


2020/21 Fixtures to be confirmed.

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