Topcats Alumni #BHM2020 Meet Freddie Morrison AKA Fat Freddie M

Freddie Cropped
Local Government Worker Wandsworth Council
Youth & Community Work
Greenwich University
DJ & Presenter Kiss 100 Fm (1992 – 1999)
BBC Radio 5 Live Basketball Magazine Presenter
(1st person to present a national basketball show)
Joined Topcats 1987 – 2018
Jimmy’s confidant – his Jiminy Cricket – Counsellor
Named the venue “The ROUGH HOUSE of FUN & DUNKING”
Became the Iconic DJ for the Brixton Topcats bringing the street to the game
The beginning of the RISE of Brixton coincided with my arrival with the music and commentary that came with it. The “Rough House” gave birth to Rough & Ready; Midnight Madness and a plethora of other events up & down the country…. Everybody wanted to be at Brixton from The Basketball League players to Local league – IT WAS THE PLACE TO BE!
“To this day I have had the pleasure of being instrumental to the great pride in the community by inviting people to meet the club’s members and staff like:
Shaquille O’ Neal: R Kelly: P Diddy (Sean Coombs) Alan Iverson; Gary Peyton; The Pasadenas; Ian Wright, and many more…..
I was a manager of the club, travelled as an ambassador for the club in Egypt and with the NBA at All Star Weekends, a member of the board which visited schools and presented the end of camp speeches to the young people who attended Easter, Summer & half terms.
Many people did not know that Jimmy only ever talked to a few people in his circle. I was one of those people and for all the years I was around Jimmy, he spoke to me on many levels. I soaked it up and just watched from the side-lines as people came and went. Jimmy always backed the underdog to come through using people to inspire people. And the rewards are evident today looking at the ‘Alumni’. Jimmy’s pride were the rough diamonds who gave themselves a chance in life through basketball many travelling the world now doing wonderful things.
Jimmy led the club with a passion, making a difference to many, recognising those who wanted to help, many times free of charge and always gave them an opportunity to ‘do their thing’. With that came disappointments – promises of money – goods, or people who just lied. Jimmy marched on regardless.
Jimmy always said to me that he respected me because I was a doer – and I didn’t want anything in return. My contribution cannot be measured because I would not let it be. Many people are still suffering from the loss of Jimmy Rogers and this healing will take time.”
Present day: The PHEONIX has to rise…….


2023/24 Fixtures to be confirmed.

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