Topcats Merchandise in Partnership with Foot Locker

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Brixton Topcats merchandise in partnership with Foot Locker will be launching this week! Topcats Apparel will be available for sale in Foot Locker Brixton throughout the month of October and via Brixton Topcats website from this week.

All Brixton Topcats Family are invited to launch at Foot Locker Brixton commencing today, Wednesday 7th October at 10am. Be the first to buy into the new Topcats range including a range of T-Shirts and Sweatshirts. We thank Foot Locker for their commitment to donating 100% of sales back into our grass roots programme and for arranging a display to honour Jimmy Rogers, founder of Brixton Topcats Basketball Club.

We invite all of our basketball community to visit the Foot store during Black History Month to sign your thoughts and comments in remembrance of Jimmy and the Topcats.

All merchandise will be available right here in our shop via from Monday 12 October.


2020/21 Fixtures to be confirmed.

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