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October 31, 2020

BHM 2020 on fire: Original Lady Topcat: Jacqui Alcindor

Jacquline Alcindor ( aka Jacqui T ) formally Jacquline Thomas) Dates played at the club: In 1982-1999/98 Job title: Head…

October 31, 2020

BHM 2020. Celebrating Topcats alumni: Stunning Akuak

Akuac Thiep Played U18s for Topcats (2008-2011) Anthropology with Comparative Religion (University of Manchester) Model from Hackney Has been photographed…

October 31, 2020

Celebrating Special Topcats Alumni: Marvin Ambrosius

My sister and I, Marsha Ambrosius were lucky enough to be a part of Brixton Topcats humble beginnings and learn…

October 31, 2020

BHM: Andrew ADMIRAL Bailey.. yes sir πŸ€—πŸ’•

Played at Brixton 1986/87, was around Topcats for years Basketball Scholarship Caldwell College, New Jersey USA (arranged by Jimmy Rogers)…

October 31, 2020

BHM 2020 Topcats Alumni: Matthew ❀

Matthew Bryan- Amaning Attended Brixton from the age of 4 (1992-2004) Attended South Kent School (2004-07) 2007 Gatorade state player…

October 31, 2020

BHM 2020 Topcats Alumni: Faith ❀

Faith Okwuosa Played for Brixton from (2008 – 2016) & Div 1 Thames Valley Cavaliers (present) Bachelors in Computer Science…

October 31, 2020

BHM 2020 Eddie ❀

Eddie Owusu Played @ Topcats from the age of 17 BA Economics, University of Greenwich (1994-7) NPQSL, University of Winchester…

October 31, 2020

BHM 2020 Topcats Alumni Celebrated: Marcus

Marcus Knight aka Machine gun aka Knight Rider Played for Topcats (1997-2001) & (2010-12) BBL Milton Keynes Lions (2001) German…

October 31, 2020

BHM Topcats Celebrating Alumni: EJay aka EJ

Ije Ofomata aka Ejay aka EJ Played for Topcats (2009 – 2011) BA Political Science with a minor in Business…

October 31, 2020

BHM 2020 Celebrating Topcats Alumni: Aaron

If you get paid to do what you love, you will never have to work a day in your life….


2020/21 Fixtures to be confirmed.
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